Local Government

Local Government Practice Overview

Cerrell’s team-oriented approach helps our clients successfully navigate bureaucracies, engage decision-makers and, ultimately, achieve their desired results – getting a government contract, passing an ordinance or stopping an unfavorable action dead in its tracks. Our local government team is composed of seasoned professionals who are former city, state and federal government staff members. Over our four and a half decades, Cerrell has forged strong relationships with the key government decision-makers, media, civic influencers and community leaders across the region who shape public policy. Cerrell is effective because we understand the industries that drive our economy, how to guide our clients through the political environment, and the effort needed to make government advocacy programs successful.

Our Expertise

  • Process Guidance: An effective government advocacy program starts with a thorough knowledge of the decision-making process. Cerrell’s experienced staff designs plans to help our clients understand relevant government processes, key players and pressing issues that can affect final decisions.

  • Advocacy: Successful government advocacy is about understanding decision-makers and the underlying political climate that affects their decisions. Our relationships with elected officials and staff, and the heads of government agencies, position our clients for successful direct advocacy activities.

  • Relationship Building: We facilitate engagement with key staff and decision-makers to introduce our clients, tell their story, and learn as much as possible about the relevant government body and its processes.

  • Message Development: Cerrell crafts focused, targeted and appropriate messages that highlight our clients’ positions and drive their interests before various audiences.

  • Lobbying Support: Mobilizing a diverse coalition of supporters can often make the difference in a successful government affairs effort. We are skilled at identifying and activating stakeholders to advocate on a client’s behalf to influence formal recommendations and decisions.