Public Relations & Crisis Communications

Public Relations & Crisis Communications Practice Overview

Our expert understanding of the messages and events that move the media allows Cerrell to tell our clients’ stories strategically. Successfully harnessing the power of the media is about more than just managing a story; it’s about making sure that you are a part of the public narrative. Our team works at the intersection of traditional and emerging communications tools. We are experts at making traditional and new media channels work together to support clients’ communications goals. Whether it’s deploying a rapid response for a crisis situation or launching a sustained media campaign, Cerrell understands the immediacy of telling clients’ stories and has the expertise to achieve success.

Our Expertise

  • Media Relations: The media matters, and how you manage and work with members of the media is critical to achieving your goal. We have the relationships, experience and proven track record of managing international, national, statewide and regional media relations programs for our clients in a way that measurably raises awareness.

  • Crisis Management & Litigation Support: The trust, support and health of your brand can hinge on how you respond to a crisis or litigation matter. Being able to proactively engage, communicate and tactfully deliver your side of the story is critical. Whether it’s a public agency, corporation, non-profit or individual, Cerrell crafts and successfully employs strategies to help manage the most difficult crisis situations a client will face.

  • Strategic Communications & Message Development: The success of any communications program rests on how, where and when you tell the story. We understand how to craft messages that tell our clients’ stories in a concise, compelling and authentic way that will resonate with the media and key stakeholders.

  • Social Media: It’s not enough to focus on how you’re communicating in press releases. You need a team that understands how to authentically communicate and position your brand or issue across all media channels to support your overall media campaign. We specialize in making traditional and new media work together for clients.