Today, Our Country Has a New Treasure.

By Marc Mitchell on April 19, 2017

The Museum of the American Revolution officially opens in Philadelphia.

The date of the museum’s inauguration is not a coincidence. 

On this date 242 years ago America’s fight for freedom began.

We remember April 19th, 1775 as the start of the Battle of Lexington in Massachusetts, and the dawn of democracy for our new nation. 

Captain John Parker and 76 colonial soldiers faced an uneven battle, outnumbered by 700 British Redcoat soldiers, and Captain Parker was not prepared to sacrifice his men for no purpose. War had not yet been declared, but cue The Shot Heard Round the World, and Captain Parker and his men began to fight for our democracy. The battle was inevitable and against all odds, our colonists showed great bravery that day.

That said, let us never forget how great our democracy is—it can be a slog at times, but we have a structure with checks and balances, and most importantly, representation.  Our democracy continues to succeed because quite frankly, all the other forms of governance cannot compare to the stellar track record of our establishment.  Our great experiment carries on still today to a more perfect union.  And we have Parker and his men to thank for it.

Marc Mitchell
Vice President, Local Government
Cerrell Associates
4th great grandson of Captain John Upton Parker