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The California WaterFix: A Long-Term Solution

By September 21, 2017 No Comments

On Tuesday night, the Glendale City Council unanimously passed a resolution to support the California WaterFix project, a major proposal to bring new reliability and sustainability to the State Water Project that transports water to many regions throughout the state including the greater Los Angeles area. California WaterFix needs the support of the Metropolitan Water Department of Southern California (MWD) and other major water agencies throughout the state to make this project a reality.

Representing the Los Angeles County Business Federation (BizFed), I spoke in support of the WaterFix Project. The California WaterFix is a long-term solution that will protect our current water supplies for many years to come. We encourage you to support the California WaterFix.

Much of the city’s discussion centered on the issues of local resources for groundwater and water recycling, the project’s cost and how other agencies were supporting this major infrastructure project. Glendale imports nearly 60% of its water supply for city businesses and residents making the need for imported water a continuing important issue. It’s primary water supplier – MWD – relies on the Bay Delta for nearly 30% of its total water supply.

California WaterFix is more than just about transporting water around the state. It plans for improvements in the Bay Delta levee system and provide for habitat restoration for a delta that has been strained for decades from human use. It moves the point of water intake for the State Water Project to a place that makes better sense – the Sacramento River.

Congratulations to the Glendale City Council for supporting this major “future thinking” water infrastructure project!

Presentation by MWD General Manager Jeff Kightlinger describes the California WaterFix Project which will bringing reliability to Southern California’s water system for many decades to come.