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By February 17, 2021 June 30th, 2021 No Comments


While the arc of history may always bend towards justice, it takes people and power to push that change forward.

Cerrell has long worked with, and for, changemakers. With roots in progressive political movements, starting with the campaign for President John F. Kennedy, we have a long history of partnering with companies and organizations in Los Angeles and throughout California to drive change in our communities.

Presidential candidate JFK, Jr. and Joe Cerrell at a ticker tape parade in DTLA. Joe managed campaign efforts in California for 1960 election.

But it’s time to do more. Time to meet the moment. Continuing our storied tradition of progressive social involvement, we are launching a dedicated social impact practice, focused on strategy development, communications management, and issues-based advocacy to transform communities and impact public policy.

Led by an all-female team of experts, we will partner with clients across sectors, bringing our unmatched experience in politics, traditional and digital media management, coalition building and strategic communications to create lasting social change.

Building on our work over the past five decades with non-profits, foundations, advocacy campaigns, and corporate clients, Cerrell now has a team dedicated to focusing our energy and skills on transformational change during a pivotal moment in our history. From California’s housing crisis, to the growing effects of climate change, and the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, our problems require innovative solutions and buy-in from public and private sectors.

Whether you’re a large corporation aiming to be a more responsible corporate citizen, a foundation in need of a microphone to share your mission, or an organization looking to build an advocacy campaign for a public policy win, Cerrell is here to guide and amplify your efforts.

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