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Hello 2018. It’s the Drought Calling. Educating the Public on Southern California’s Water Problem.

By December 15, 2017 No Comments

Recently, the Cerrell team joined theĀ BizFed Institute seminar looking at the water crisis in California and notion that the drought is really not over in the long term. Population and business growth will continue to stress a system that has already found many new water use savings over the past two decades and existing sources from Northern California and the Colorado River remain at risk of declining. State and local agencies will continue to beat the drum for water conservation and educate the public on the effects of the drought.

The seminar explored various ways that Southern California could improve new water sources and spur new investment in water recycling, stormwater recapture and desalination. In addition to developing new water sources, we need to educate the public to conserve our existing resources.

Cerrell has decades of experience conducting proactive community, media and public education campaigns for water agencies. We assist public and private water agencies on all phases of research, outreach, media engagement, material development and messaging on various issues including remediation efforts, ocean desalination, recycling and reuse, stormwater and more.

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