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Q&A with Trevor Daley – His First 100 Days at Cerrell

By February 28, 2019 No Comments

It’s been nearly 100 days since Trevor Daley started as President of Cerrell, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him to our team. As many of you know, Trevor brings decades of experience working on public affairs, public relations and communications campaigns for Senator Dianne Feinstein, Los Angeles City Hall councilmembers, and most recently leading the Los Angeles World Airports’ external relations team.

As President, Trevor has worked with Cerrell’s co-owners, management team, and staff of rising professionals to enhance the firm’s public affairs reach and complement how Cerrell services its extensive clientele in the health care, transportation, energy, construction, water, education, and public agency sectors. Nearing the completion of his first 100 days as President of Cerrell, we sat down with Trevor to get some insight into his journey with the firm.

You are close to completing your first 100 days at Cerrell, how does it feel?

It feels great!  Couldn’t be happier.

You’ve mentioned that you have a long-lasting relationship with Cerrell, how were first introduced to the firm?

I was first introduced to Cerrell through Joe Cerrell, the founder of the company. Around 15 years ago, when I first got to Los Angeles, a number of people told me, “You should meet Joe Cerrell, he knows everyone in LA.” He ended up taking me to lunch and quickly became a close friend and mentor to me. He was always connecting me and looking out for me. At that time, I was just a field representative for Senator Feinstein, but I was constantly getting notes from Joe and invites to important events. He had this wonderful way of always making sure that I was connected to different people and as a young person, he always made me feel very special and valued.

Over the past 100 days, what experiences or moments stand out?

The spirit of the team has really stood out to me. It’s a very tight-knit community and there have been many social events at the firm that everyone participates in, whether that be birthdays, baby showers, or regular lunches. People have a great connection with one another. It’s like a family.

Cerrell is known for having a strong sense of community and office culture. What have you enjoyed most about the office culture and do you see room for improvement?

There are always new ways of doing things as well as old ways of doing things. When you were reaching out to people 10 or 20 years ago, you would go to a lot of events, you called people, you interacted with them. This whole process is different now especially for the younger members of the firm. Times have changed and now email and texting dominate as means of communication. I would like to blend the traditional methods of the past with the new ways to communicate. I think it’s essential that Cerrell adapts. We also need to incorporate more social media and digital work into everything we do.

You have an extensive work history at the City, State and Federal levels (Senator Feinstein). How have these experiences helped you in your new role at Cerrell?

These experiences have taught me that things can take a lot of time. My experience has given me two things: patience and judgment. When you know how things are done, you can judge how they are done. When someone brings you a problem, you know how difficult or simple it will be to solve. Fifteen years ago, I was very idealistic but now I know the difficulties, problems, the length of time it can take for the government to work. Both of these experiences have provided me with guidance to help the team at Cerrell, as well as our clients when problems arise. I still and will always have the fire to win and solve everything that comes my way, but now I look to solve it in different ways.

Looking forward, what Cerrell projects are you most excited about?

I am extremely excited about all of the projects we have at the moment, but most of all, I am excited about the staff – we have clear talent at Cerrell. I look forward to working with the staff on development and empowering them to move forward with their passions as we modernize the firm and continue to grow as a team.

What can we expect to see from you in the next 100 days and beyond?

I want to turn the lights on and push people to see their own talent and value. Often, people do not know their own talent so I want to bring that out in people. When a person is able to discover and develop a new talent, they get excited and feel good about themselves and their achievements.

So the next 100 days will be a continued focus on the team and of course, securing new clients!

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