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The Cerrell Move: Looking Back and Looking Forward

By July 16, 2020 No Comments

With our move finally announced, we wanted to share a few reflections the Cerrell team has made leading up to this big announcement. While we want to look back on the good times we’ve had in Larchmont Village, we also want to share what we are excited to experience at our new home in the Miracle Mile.

What We'll Miss

Larchmont Barber Shop

“Every two weeks they really knew how to ‘Yul Brynner’ my head!”
– Marc Mitchell, Vice President

“I’ll miss the classic barber shop banter, the never-ending Dodger baseball analysis and wall-to-wall bobbleheads.”
– John Anderson, Public Affairs Manager

Larchmont Village Wine & Cheese

“It’s got to be the Larchmont Wine & Cheese Store sandwiches for me!”
– Steve Bullock, CFO

“I’m glad to have worked on Larchmont because of discovering Larchmont Wine and Cheese – the best sandwich place I’ve been to.”
– Anthony Chica, Public Affairs Director

Celebrity Spotting

“I recall saying ‘hi’ to Mariah Carey, John Malkovich, Vince Vaughn. Also lots of mayors and other elected officals. Larchmont was our own small-town America with a Hollywood flair.”
– Hal Dash, Chairman & CEO

“I’ll miss zigzagging through the neighborhood searching for the Property Brother’s home.”
– John Anderson, Public Affairs Manager

Larchmont Village Pizzeria

“I’ll miss being walking distance from grabbing my lunch at Larchmont Village Pizza.”
– Joe Soltas, Finance Manager

“Whether we were celebrating a client win or deep into a late-night crisis work session, their pizza fueled the Cerrell team’s spirit and were an iconic part of our team’s process.”
– Brandon Stephenson, CSO

Good Goose Cafe

"Good Goose was my go-to spot for lunch on the block. All I can say is: salmon spring rolls and a full coconut."
– Noam Leead, Senior Account Coordinator

What's to Come

Little Ethiopia

“I’ve never had Ethiopian food before and I’m excited to go out with the team and explore new flavors!”
– Sofia de la Vega, Senior Account Coordinator

Drago Ristorante

“One of my favorite restaurants in LA, Drago, is steps away from our new office and I am looking forward to dinning there soon!”
– Trevor Daley, President

LA County Museums

“I’m excited to be near LACMA - to walk through the beautiful museum during lunch or have lunch with a client in the Plaza.”
– Trevor Daley, President

“I am looking forward to visiting LACMA and the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on lunch breaks!”
– Anna Blaho, Intern


“I’ll be looking forward to Mixt on Wilshire – great build your own salad spot.”
– Anthony Chica, Public Affairs Director

The Original Farmer's Market

“While I will miss the Larchmont Wine & Cheese sandwiches dearly, I can’t wait to walk around and try all the lunch options at the farmer’s market!”
– Sunjay Lee, Intern

We can’t wait to host our friends and clients at our new office, to eat great food, explore another historic neighborhood, and enjoy incredible views!

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