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No On Measure S

By March 3, 2017 No Comments

The battle of the day for the March 7 Los Angeles City election surrounds Measure S, commonly known as the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative. Measure S would place a two-year moratorium on real estate projects that require exemptions or changes to the City zoning code, and would permanently ban the creation of special zoning laws to accommodate individual projects.

Like most elected, business and labor leaders in the City, Cerrell unequivocally opposes this deceptive and ill-conceived measure.

If passed, Measure S would severely limit new residential developments in the City of Los Angeles. This would likely derail the City’s plan to ease its affordable housing crisis by restricting City officials’ ability to grant exemptions to development rules, which most large projects currently require. By seeking to restrict the production of new housing, Measure S would take the City back, not forward – it would drive high rents even higher, and seriously impede City and County efforts to address rampant homelessness.

Measure S seeks to block essential tools for continuing to provide the quality and affordable housing Angelenos deserve, and for ensuring that the region remains economically vibrant for our friends, families and neighbors.

As a civic leader in Los Angeles, Cerrell raised funds to help defeat Measure S, joining countless clients, organizations, businesses, elected officials, tenants and residents of Los Angeles City mobilized in opposition to this deceptive measure. We urge you to encourage your networks to do the same.