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Our Love for Larchmont Boulevard

By February 14, 2019 No Comments

Though it draws Angelenos from across the city and tourists alike, walking the Boulevard feels a bit like you’ve exited the big city.


Since our founding 53 years ago, Cerrell has always been intimately connected to Los Angeles – and to one street in particular – Larchmont Boulevard. Cerrell has proudly maintained its offices in Los Angeles’ smallest neighborhood since 1978 , and while Larchmont might simply sound like a street name, it’s so much more and a big part of Cerrell’s office culture.

Larchmont Village is a small, half-mile shopping and dining district located in the heart of Los Angeles. Spanning just a few short blocks on its namesake Boulevard, Larchmont Village manages to pack in some of the best of Los Angeles, with endless options for dining including ice cream, baked goods and no less than eight coffee shops. It has every store you could possibly want, selling everything from clothing, to toys, cosmetics, gifts and books.

The atmosphere of Larchmont Village is entirely unique. Perhaps it has something to do with its size – just two short blocks, jam packed with every trendy store you could imagine. It might also have to do with its history. Larchmont Village was developed in the 1800s, and many landmark tenants and historic facades hint at the Boulevard’s long past as a neighborhood gathering spot, lending a charming authenticity that is rarely found in Los Angeles.

But more than anything, it has to do with the unique feeling of close community that Larchmont inspires. Though it draws Angelenos from across the city and tourists alike, walking the Boulevard feels a bit like you’ve exited the big city.

The block is bustling, to be sure, with busy patrons picking up cups of coffee, hurrying to their exercise class, grabbing lunch and window shopping amongst the many boutiques. But even with all the activity, everyone seems to know each other; you’ll see many Larchmont Village visitors taking time to stop to chat with a neighbor, colleague or friend. This sense of community creates an atmosphere of small-town familiarity – that just so happens to lie in the center of one of the largest cities in the world.

Cerrell is fortunate to be intimately connected with Larchmont Village. Our company’s historic roots run deep here. Lee and Joe Cerrell founded the firm from their Larchmont home, then bought the Larchmont Boulevard office building where Cerrell employees work today. Photos of our founders adorn the walls of Village Pizzeria, the old-school pizzeria that dishes out some of the best New York-style pies this side of the Mississippi. And our company has ordered countless sandwiches and cheese platters (not to mention bottles of wine) from Larchmont Village Wine and Cheese, a local delicatessen and fine foods shop that churns out arguably the best sandwiches in the city.

Cerrell’s connection to our neighborhood remains as strong as ever. Take a stroll down the block on any given weekday, and you’ll find Cerrell staff walking together on their morning coffee run, outside enjoying lunch on a beautiful day, taking a break for an afternoon stroll, or braving a class together at one of the block’s countless group fitness studios.

Anyone who has visited Larchmont Village quickly realizes that it’s the kind of place where everyone feels like family. And that’s especially true for the Cerrell family. Any current or former Cerrell staff member will gladly tell you how wonderful it is to have a workplace in such a special neighborhood. If you’ve never experienced the Larchmont magic, then it’s worth a visit – but make sure you set aside a few hours. Because you’ll find that – as most Cerrell staffers have – you won’t want to leave.

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