Campaign Management

Our reputation is built on 50 years of campaign management. We work with our clients to win political campaigns – specializing in ballot measures at the local, regional and state levels.

Cerrell crafts the strategy for comprehensive campaigns that influences public opinion. We handle every part of the campaign – strategy, research, messaging, coalition building and field activation, earned and paid media, to achieve victory on Election Day.

Community Engagement

Creating and mobilizing diverse communities in support of a client’s project is where we excel. Whether it’s seeking approval for a development project or impacting the legislative process, we develop authentic and effective strategies to engage, educate, and activate target audiences according to project objectives.

We know how to talk to your neighbors about issues that matter most to them – and we know how to earn their support.

Corporate Social Responsiblity

Today, consumers look to companies and brands to demonstrate their values. People want to see that a company is committed to their community and backs that up with action. But navigating the political climate can be a challenge.

We know the issues and values that matter most to California’s diverse communities. Cerrell helps you create a smart CSR program that earns visibility and engagement, and adds value to your brand.

Crisis Communications

Crisis will find you. With social media driving today’s fast-moving news cycle, every organization must be prepared for a threat to its reputation. Making sure you are ready to confront that crisis is what separates success from public failure.

Time is of the essence during a crisis. We help you respond to the situation head-on to minimize negative impact and instill public confidence in your brand.

Government Relations

With hundreds of municipalities, agencies and special districts in Southern California, you need the right relationships to get your issue heard. Our lobbying team of former city, state and federal government staff members opens doors and cuts through red tape.

Successful government advocacy is about understanding decision-makers and the underlying political climate that affects their decisions. We develop advocacy strategies and get you in front of elected officials and key decision-makers to impact public policy.

Issue Advocacy

We move public opinion and make your issue matter. Surrounding decision-makers with consistent, persuasive messages is vital to ensuring your voice is heard.

Our knowledge of California’s complex political and public policy landscape allows us to reach, influence, and mobilize targeted audiences across the state. We successfully shape public discourse to help our clients achieve success on a broad range of issues.

Land Use

Navigating California’s complex entitlement process and building community support can present obstacles for even for the most seasoned developers. Our team understands local communities and political environments, allowing us to simplify the process and gets projects approved on schedule.

Our established relationships with decision-makers, influential community groups, and opinion leaders help limit opposition and keep projects on track.

Public Relations

In today’s media environment, every business, government entity, and non-profit organization needs the tools to work with the 24-hour news cycle. Cerrell amplifies your message.

We tell your story to your target audiences with authenticity. With our team of experienced, creative, and innovative practitioners, we develop comprehensive PR campaigns and compelling content to shift public opinion, mitigate crisis situations, influence stakeholders, and make news.

Sectors We Serve

Airports & Aviation

December 5, 2016

Construction & Real Estate

From land use and entitlements, to community outreach, radius notices and branding, Cerrell has your development project covered. We accelerate approvals, coordinate branding and media events, and promote your project from start to finish.



We develop impactful community engagement and education programs for ballot measures as well as manage time-sensitive crises during often controversial and complex public facing issues. A complete team – from community and media relations to litigation support.

Energy and Environment

We help our clients navigate the sensitive environmental, political and community impacts of controversial projects including site remediation, EIR/CEQA processes, and coalition building and alliance development.

Goods Movement

Regulations can put a stop to any project, large or small. We understand the complicated issues facing our good movement industry and manage concerns with the AQMD

Government Agencies

Bureaucracy. Red tape. Unfavorable legislation. Break the process with Cerrell. We shape public policy and advocate for our clients whether it be a government contract, ordinance approval or stopping unfavorable legislation.



Change the story and promote your brand in the media, community and with legislators. Cerrell elevates your work and gets it in front of people who matter.

Legal & Financial Services

Legal & Financial Services

Good coverage is hard to come by. Our traditional and social media experts create and deliver widespread content to advance your priorities.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Cerrell’s team understands the complex regulatory framework and the sensitive environmental, political and community impacts that impacts life science companies from completing their important work.


Government has difficulty determining proper regulations for solutions offered by today’s technology sector. We build your story, deliver the message to decision-makers and secure your brand’s legacy.


From the city streets and freeways, to public transportation, Cerrell provides private and public sector clients with a complete government, community and media communications strategy to achieve results.


We assist public and private water agencies on all phases of research, outreach, media engagement, material development and messaging on various issues including remediation efforts, ocean desalination, recycling and reuse, and stormwater.