Energy & Environment

Energy & Environment Practice Overview

Energy and environmental issues are some of the most challenging and complex issues facing businesses and government today. National and California-specific regulatory and legislative mandates for air, water and habitat make working in the state more challenging than anywhere else in the country. Cerrell’s team understands this complex regulatory framework and the sensitive environmental, political and community impacts that often accompany these issues. We routinely help our clients navigate these challenges and obtain approval for highly controversial projects, as well as helping them restore contaminated sites and positioning them as environmental stewards.

Our Expertise:

  • Coalition Building & Alliance Development: Environmental organizations frequently advocate on sensitive projects to decision-makers at all levels of government. Gaining the support of these groups or mitigating their opposition is vital to a project’s success. Cerrell’s decades of experience working with the environmental community has created an extensive network of contacts. We are adept at opening dialogue with community stakeholders and delivering the results our clients need.

  • Technical Communication: Our team members understand that each project starts with a technical foundation. We have the expertise to translate highly technical information into messages that resonate with core audiences. We work seamlessly with engineers, scientists and lawyers to provide a contextual framework for complex and politically sensitive communications to ensure message consistency and technical accuracy.

  • Community Outreach: Now more than ever, communities are vocal in holding companies accountable. Creating and mobilizing communities in support of a client’s project is where we excel. Cerrell works with our clients to develop effective programs to educate local stakeholders about a project’s benefits. We manage community meetings with concerned stakeholders, facilitate site tours, and develop effective communication tools to reach a project’s target audiences.